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Underwater Photo of the Week - May 14, 2018

Verde Island Seascape

POTW May 14, 2018


Hi Gang!

Recently I was in a conversation with a group of divers at an event put on by the Reef Environmental and Educational Foundation (REEF) in San Diego. I serve on the Board of Trustees of REEF. At the event, there was a silent auction, and one of the items that was being bid on was a week at the land-based resorts of Atlantis Puerto Galera or Atlantis Dumaguete in the Philippines. I serve as the Photography Ambassador for the Atlantis Resorts 

During the conversation one of the people that was considering whether to bid or not made a comment that suggested that while photographers and fish surveyors like REEF members could see a wide mix of fishes and invertebrates when diving out of either resort, there isn’t much in the way of wide-angle seascapes that divers often find to be so appealing. Whoa!

That’s not quite right, but it is a commonly expressed misperception. The diving in the immediate vicinity of both resorts certainly does feature reef creatures. But Verde Island is only a one hour boat ride from Puerto Galera, and Apo Island is only an hour ride from Dumaguete. The seascapes at both of these islands is phenomenal. Color abounds, and the reefs and walls teem with life and explode with colorful life forms.

This week’s POTW is a seascape from Verde Island, and it is just one example of the type of image that might be captured at both Verde Island and Apo Island. A large, eye-catching barrel sponge with a school of anthias is a common scene. A mix of sea fans, soft corals, crinoids and beautiful hard corals also add to the seascapes.

In addition, I have photographed turtles, pharaoh cuttlefish, broadclub cuttlefish, schools of jacks, whitetip reef sharks, tunas, groupers being cleaned, and many more relatively large subjects at both Verde and Apo.

I hope you enjoy this week’s POTW, and that you will join Captain Steve and the gang during his upcoming trip to the Philippines.

See you next week,



See you next week,