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Underwater Photo of the Week - October 16, 2017


POTW October 16, 2017


Hi Gang!

This week’s POTW is an image of a small shrimp that is known by more than a dozen common names. Taxonomists know this crustacean as Thor amboinensis. Sport divers know the species by the following partial list of common names: sexy shrimp, squat shrimp, carid shrimp, squat anemone shrimp, Amboin shrimp, bold-spotted anemone shrimp, white-saddled shrimp, sexy pistol shrimp, dancing shrimp, high-tailed shrimp, commensal anemone shrimp, and popcorn shrimp.

Most divers I know usually refer to the species as the squat shrimp or sexy shrimp. The name sexy shrimp is a reference to this shrimp’s behavior as it often olds its tail high up into the water column and wiggles it back and forth in an attention getting manner.

In any case, this shrimp is a beautiful addition to many Indo-Pacific reef communities. The shrimp is usually seen on corals and a variety of anemones, and it is often found in pairs or groups with six or eight animals. Sexy shrimp range in size from just under one-inch to one and one-half inches long.

Sexy shrimp feed mostly on algae, plankton and parasites. They are reported to be a cleaner species that helps rid host fishes of parasites, dead tissue, fungi and bacteria.

I hope you enjoy this week’s POTW! 

See you next week,


See you next week,